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We like to call it like it is and turn hard truths into something meaningful. [eyd] is pronounced phonetically, like the word "aid" - a word which emphasizes the core of our work. We want to show that aid is possible, and that humanitarian help can be shown in an array of ways. [eyd] is also an acronym: Enable Your Dressmaker. It encompasses our goal of giving a new perspective to everyone looking for help.

A friend of ours once called us a well-dressed human rights initiative. We think that hits the spot. We oppose human trafficking and give the survivors the possibility of a new start. Thatís why we work with a charitable workshop that gives work and a new hope to forced prostitutes. Thatís why we do what we do. The result is moral fashion for your everyday life.

During a stay in Cambodia one of our founders, Nathalie, became aware of the dimensions of human trafficking and forced prostitution. She also saw the damage these crimes are causing. Simultaneously, she got to know organizations that rescue women from their imprisonment under human traffickers and pimps and put them in temporary safe houses. However, in most cases these women donít have an education, giving them no alternative to prostitution. We break through this vicious cycle and enable these women to live a self-determined life.

Weíre thinking the other way around: without our humanitarian cause, we wouldnít be producing any fashion. The seamstresses and their future are our primary concern; we adjust our process to their needs. For example, because of their traumatic experiences they arenít as resilient. We afford these women a manageable everyday life by producing simple designs and using easy processing technology. That way they have enough time for leisure, education, and therapeutic support.

Nathalie and Simon were also founding members of GLIMPSE, which raised awareness of human trafficking between October 2013 and September 2017. As GLIMPSE was growing, personal desires of the founding members grew as well. To find space for these desires, the founding members broke up GLIMPSE as a joined label and decided to go different paths. [EYD] carries on the cooperation with the Indian organization CHAIIM and their support of survivors of forced prostitution.

CHAIIM specializes in the re-integration of women who have been victims of human trafficking. The organization runs a social sewing workshop in Mumbai, where we are ordering our products as well. Apart from the professional education, work, and fair wages, CHAIIM also offers school education and psychological support. Part of the team around the spouses Keith and Ramona Dsouza are social workers and professional tailors. We are frequently in Mumbai ourselves and are amazed by how much love and appreciation the employees show these women in training. For more information about our partners, go here: .

[eyd] donates 25% of its profits to Made for Humanity. The association supports the social work of our production partners and makes sure that the women, parallel to their work, get an education in Math and English, as well as daily support by a social worker. Additionally, Made for Humanity educates on human trafficking and its impact at events and seminars within Germany. Find out everything about the partnership here.

We work with eco-friendly, sustainably produced fabric that doesnít just feel comfortable on your skin, but also fulfills the ecological criteria for textile production. That may not be easy on your bank account, but itís easy on your skin and the world we live in. Another factor are the wages we pay our employees. During production we only work with partners who pay fair wages and further support people who were rescued from human trafficking.

The fabrics processed in our partner workshops are from certified companies (GOTS). Since our workshop doesnít have a certification, itís not possible to have the entire production process certified. Thatís why weíre not allowed to put a certification on our final products. Obtaining a certificate for our partner workshop is our goal. Nonetheless, it is a long and expensive procedure. Until then, our focus is to further develop [eyd].

All of our products are produced vegan and contain no materials made from animals. However, being vegan isnít our brand focus and we canít guarantee that somewhere along the production line a machine hasnít been lubricated with an animal fat or oil.

The motivation to do [eyd] is first and foremost to enable the women (your dressmaker) in our partner workshops and give them a future to live for. Our hearts are humanitarian, and our motives are not fashion-driven. Furthermore, everything at [eyd] is eco-friendly and fair.

You can order all articles in our online store. Additionally, there are a lot of stores in Germany and other European countries that sell [eyd]. We can also be found at exhibitions and events. If you follow us on Facebook or our blog, or sign up for our newsletter, you will know when and where.

Like us, spread the word, buy, and support us. That will already help. We can also use help with our educational and publicity work. Feel free to contact us if you want to get your hands dirty at a young company and share our passion.

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