A few years ago we got to know women who had been liberated from sexual slavery. We were truly touched by their life stories and convicted by the fact that we didn’t know much about the hidden economy of human trafficking. With the help of our friends and customers we have been supporting the afflicted ever since.



Who would want to hire a woman with a past in sex slavery, with no education, and no work experience? One who has a strong desire to lead a self-determined life? We face the humanitarian problem head on and offer survivors a long-term solution. And we’re breaking ground in India - but we also want to get involved in Germany and other countries as soon as possible.


The majority of [eyd] products are made in Mumbai. The first workshop we partner with is being run by the Indian organization CHAIIM. Women who arrive there are being taught their first profession, getting therapeutic support, catching up on the lacking school education, and are being encouraged to take their lives into their own hands.
[eyd]’s responsibility is the production and distribution chain. From design to picking out the fabric to selling the finished products, we make sure our employees in India can focus solely on their humanitarian work with our employees.


It’s almost crazy: when we think about production, we think of our production team first rather than our profit. When you invest in [eyd] you are not only investing in ethical and ecological fashion, but, first and foremost, in people. The true winners are the women working for us, who have a job and a future.
We pay them fair wages for their work. On top of that we keep our designs simple in order to meet the individual capacity of each employee.


Hearing about human trafficking can leave you feeling powerless. We know the discouraging facts. But we have also seen the hope in the eyes of survivors. Their story is what we want to tell the world about. Their story is why we make clothing. You’re helping us reshape the world. You’re helping us make it a little bit better. Together we’re helping the ones forgotten by the world. Aid is in the making!



Fashion by [eyd] is made by young women with a tough past but a hopeful future. They were rescued from the chains of human trafficking and prostitution and can now aim for a self-determined life. With our fashion workshop in Mumbai, we are a part of that journey. We provide the women with the necessary training, more-than-fair wages, as well as education and support, to master everyday life.
With their unique story and personality, each employee puts their very own mark on fashion by [eyd]. Literally: The mark of one employee that had a part in making your piece can be found on the cloth patch. On our website you can find the stories which are entwined in your clothing, with one unique Indian flower-symbol belonging to each woman. It’s a small insight for you and a major appreciation for the women we want to help love life again.


„I get motivation and encouragement by working at Chaiim. I never thought I could study, but now I am able to finish school. I want to be a drawing teacher one day. I have gained focus through mentoring and have decided to follow my dream.“


„I came to Chaiim as a beneficiary trainee and today I am training girls at Chaiim Foundation. I learnt a lot at Chaiim that is helping me in my life today. It helps me in coping with so many of the things that I struggled with in my past. I learnt money management which was very difficult for me to understand when I started saving. Today I am really proud that I have money on my bank account. I want to be a designer and I believe one day I will be.“


„Today I feel very proud of myself because I was able to complete my training and now I am doing production work. Chaiim taught me to respect others. Through life skill training I have learnt that my dream of being a successful person one day is possible. I will never give up on my dream now.“


„I have a dream to rebuild my house at my village. We have been very poor and that is why I was trafficked. My job at Chaiim helps me to earn money respectfully and to also do my savings. I have been able to dream a dream which was impossible before. I am thankful to have a dignity labour now and to be able to live a life with my head held high. There is always a joy that overtakes me every morning which was not there last year. Chaiim is changing our lives and I hope that they can bring this change for other girls too. There are others who want to come but cannot. I have been very lucky.“


„I want to be good at working at the sewing machine as I do enjoy working on it. I have learnt so many things through life skill class and English class. I understand the importance of relationships now and that to live your life also means to live in society. Before I did not want to keep relationships.“


„I just joined Chaiim four months ago, but it seems like I have been working here for a long time. Everyone at Chaiim is very friendly and supportive. Right now, I am learning to cut the threads from a garment and to check the fabric from the senior workers. I also have learnt how to iron belts and how to stitch buttons. I enjoy doing it. I have taken full responsibility of ironing with the help from our master cutter and didis (older sisters).“


„This is a good job for me. I stitch and sew on clothes and when I work on the sewing machine, I forget my worries and feel happy. I am able to save money because I am earning it during my training. I want to use this money to buy a sewing machine, so when I go back to my home which is very far from Mumbai, I can work at home and continue to earn money.“


„This job is what I needed and Chaiim helped me. After joining Chaiim I learnt many things, such as how to manage personal problems, how to communicate, how to dress up, how to keep a balance in my emotions etc. I feel happy to be part of Chaiim now and I am looking forward to the next two years at the production unit.“


„I like to come to work at Chaiim because here we start our day with prayer. I learn so many things. I have learnt to do things like cutting, sewing, stitching labels, ironing, stitching small sleeves and folding the garment. I have understood that each garment goes through a lot of processes and every process is important. I have learnt about the different kinds of fabrics and that organic fabric is good for us and for the environment. Before this, I could not imagine that clothes are not good for us. I would like to move further in this department and one day I want to be a quality checker or maybe a sample maker in the sewing industry.“


„I learnt how to make the right decision and good choices. Over the last year I have learnt that choices have a lot of repercussions. Before Chaiim no one ever taught me. Believing in relationships, I have been able to manage my anger. Today I am very confident to go out and work in any new field. I don’t get scared of working in a new place. Things have become better for me.“


„I feel very happy to work at Chaiim, because everyone is so understanding and caring. If I make any mistake they help me to understand and I feel secure and accepted. I learnt many good things through life skill training. I am glad because here I am learning to accept myself the way I am. I am now a thread cutter and work very hard to do a good job. I understand that loose threads do not look good on a finished garment.“


„I like to do stitching on the Juki Machine. When I come to work here it feels like time just flies by. The atmosphere is so different. People here are very nice and caring and I feel secure and cared for. I am saving money, so one day I can start my own business. I want to have a shop of garments where I can sell clothes and become the head of my own business.“


„I thought I will never be able to handle the sewing machine, but I could learn it because of the motivation I receive at Chaiim. I am saving money to have my own home, so my siblings and I can live there together one day.“


The main production center for [eyd] products is the social sewing workshop CHAIIM in Mumbai, India. CHAIIM specializes in reintegrating victims of human trafficking.
Alongside trade work and fair wages, CHAIIM offers a proper school education, as well as psychological support. It is run by married couple Keith and Ramona Dsouza.
We also travel to India on a regular basis and are left speechless every time by the love and appreciation the CHAIIM staff shows for their employees. For more information go here..

Photos by Michael Collela