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A few years ago we got to know women who had been liberated from sexual slavery. We were truly touched by their life stories and convicted by the fact that we didn’t know much about the hidden economy of human trafficking. With the help of our friends and customers we have been supporting the afflicted ever since.



Who would want to hire a woman with a past in sex slavery, with no education, and no work experience? One who has a strong desire to lead a self-determined life? We face the humanitarian problem head on and offer survivors a long-term solution. And we’re breaking ground in India - but we also want to get involved in Germany and other countries as soon as possible.


The majority of [eyd] products are made in Mumbai. The first workshop we partner with is being run by the Indian organization CHAIIM. Women who arrive there are being taught their first profession, getting therapeutic support, catching up on the lacking school education, and are being encouraged to take their lives into their own hands. [eyd]’s responsibility is the production and distribution chain. From design to picking out the fabric to selling the finished products, we make sure our employees in India can focus solely on their humanitarian work with our employees.


It’s almost crazy: when we think about production, we think of our production team first rather than our profit. When you invest in [eyd] you are not only investing in ethical and ecological fashion, but, first and foremost, in people. The true winners are the women working for us, who have a job and a future. We pay them fair wages for their work. On top of that we keep our designs simple in order to meet the individual capacity of each employee.


Hearing about human trafficking can leave you feeling powerless. We know the discouraging facts. But we have also seen the hope in the eyes of survivors. Their story is what we want to tell the world about. Their story is why we make clothing. You’re helping us reshape the world. You’re helping us make it a little bit better. Together we’re helping the ones forgotten by the world. Aid is in the making!

Find more facts, background information, and ways for you to get involved at Made for Humanity, our Indian partner organization CHAIIM, and with our friends at the International Justice Mission.



Fashion by [eyd] is made by young women with a tough past but a hopeful future. They were rescued from the chains of human trafficking and prostitution and can now aim for a self-determined life. With our fashion workshop in Mumbai, we are a part of that journey. We provide the women with the necessary training, more-than-fair wages, as well as education and support, to master everyday life.
With their unique story and personality, each employee puts their very own mark on fashion by [eyd]. Literally: The mark of one employee that had a part in making your piece can be found on the cloth patch. On our website you can find the stories which are entwined in your clothing, with one unique Indian flower-symbol belonging to each woman. It’s a small insight for you and a major appreciation for the women we want to help love life again.


„I enjoy cutting and I am happy to learn tailoring.“


„I love to listen to music and love working at CHAIIM.“


„I like to work on the sewing machine and my work place is very safe.“


„I want to be a designer and I am encouraged to follow my dreams at CHAIIM.“


„I want to safe money from my wages at CHAIIM and buy a home and get married.“


„I am happy that I get an opportunity to learn in my English class at CHAIIM.“


„I am happy because I get a lot of love and care at m y work place.“


„I am happy english speaking class at CHAIIM.“


„I enjoy going for picnics and enjoy my work. I iron the clothes.“


„I want to study and help others and become a social worker.“


„I enjoy making new things on the machine.“


„CHAIIM is my family, I know I have my full family to support me and walk with me. Even though I have been very sad and depressed I feel good when I come here.“


„I want to be an air hostess but I have to complete my education and safe money for my course.“


The main production center for [eyd] products is the social sewing workshop CHAIIM in Mumbai, India. CHAIIM specializes in reintegrating victims of human trafficking.
Alongside trade work and fair wages, CHAIIM offers a proper school education, as well as psychological support. It is run by married couple Keith and Ramona Dsouza.
We also travel to India on a regular basis and are left speechless every time by the love and appreciation the CHAIIM staff shows for their employees. For more information go here.

Photos by Michael Collela