We are fair not only to people but also the environment. We are offering you clothing that has character. Our eco-friendly fabrics are produced sustainably and free of animal materials. Beside that by actively avoiding waste and recycling our packaging, we accept the responsibility we have towards our planet.



Most of our products are made out of cotton. Our cotton is produced sustainably, which means the thirst of the plant is quenched by rain water, no pesticides or herbicides are used, and we dye our clothing only with the help of eco-friendly colorants. The whole process is fair to people and the environment.


The silk-like fabrics of our collections are not made out of silk, but Lyocell. The foundation of this premium material is cellulose fiber which is harvested from eucalyptus wood. The production is highly sustainable and results in a fabric that’s as soft as silk, breathable, regulates humidity, and is an ideal fit for allergy sufferers. That’s what makes Lyocell a useful alternative to conventional chemical fiber.


We buy the buttons, ribbons, zippers, and all other notions on our clothing from a market in Mumbai, India, so as to support local retailers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reconstruct or monitor the locations and the conditions that these materials are produced in.


Our fabrics are being treated gentle and environmentaly friendly, strating from production.
The standard shrinkage values can not be ruled out: jersey: 5%, looser knitted materials: 8%, knitted materials: 3%



Overproduction is a problem in the fashion industry that’s not addressed enough. Approximately 10% of all clothing is never sold, and thrown away. That’s not only a huge waste in resources, manpower, and material, but also bad for people and the environment. We want to prevent this problem by offering you the possibility of pre-ordering our products. That way we can have a more accurate estimate of the needed production quantity. This means we are using resources more efficiently, and the price for the production of each piece drops - an advantage that we pass on to you.
On each piece of clothing you pre-order we give you a 10% discount. After each collection release the shipment of pre-ordered purchases is prioritized, making you one of the first to wear that particular piece of clothing.




Online retail requires a lot of packaging material that, after a brief lifespan, is thrown away. We want to counteract this problem. The first step is to forgo plastic packaging and only use cardboard made of recycled paper. We even want to take it a step further and ship your order in a used carton.


Our printed advertisement are all produced environmentally friendly. We use ecological ink, recycled papers and vegan glue.