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This fight affects us all - Against exploitation, oppression and forced prostitution. Hats off and [eyd] on. Support this unique humanitarian fashion label.

Regina Halmich, World Champion in boxing


Being a human rights organization, we are confronted with violence, fear, and hopelessness on a daily basis. In Mumbai we partner with the police to set free hundreds of girls and women from human trafficking and sex slavery every year. We stand up for their rights and support them socially and psychologically so they can live a healthy and free life. For that to happen it is crucial that the girls and women have a new prospect and possibility to thrive. Thatís where [eyd] contributes majorly. The sewing workshop leaves these young women a future prospect and fosters them in a stronger community.

During their extensive education they not only master job skills, but other important abilities that will help them in their professional lives later on. The significance of this institution is invaluable for the women who profit from it.
In Germany we wouldnít want to be without [eyd]. A fair fashion label isnít just an asset for people that value sustainable consumption. Wearing a piece of [eyd] isnít just wearing fashionable clothing; itís conveying an important issue out in the world. Letís raise awareness for human trafficking and improve the world of Mumbai by leaps and bounds.

Dietmar Roller, CEO International Justice Mission Germany e. V.


I love [eyd]. The massive issue of justice, fair trade, human dignity, exploitation, and so on, can be very disheartening and paralyzing. It was important to me to find a way to start changing things in my own microcosm. How can I personally change my consumption habits? To me, food and clothing came first. On my search for better alternatives I came across [eyd]. [eyd] inspires me because itís basically a 3 in 1, which I find very attractive. Itís esthetics, storytelling, and sustainability in one fashion label.
The clothing looks amazing and the production is not only sustainable and fair but also supports women from the worst circumstances imaginable and gives them hope and a future to look forward to. The imprinted cloth patches found in the clothing even help tell their story, putting a face on a very abstract issue.

I wear [eyd] a lot on stage these days. Firstly, because I think itís very stylish. But also because I hope it will make this label and project more known. [eyd] stands for beauty, justice, and hope and to me thatís worth my support.

Marco Michalzik is a poetry slammer and Songwriter from Darmstadt, Germany.